Hi, I'm Craig.

I don't half ass two things, I full ass one thing.

The online CV of Craig Scott, a Web Designer and Developer from Belfast

A little bit about myself

I'm a graduate of Interactive Multimedia Design with passion for the Web. During my years of study, I have grown a great interest in web development. An engineer at heart, I love taking things apart and rebuilding them to learn how they work.

I completed an internship with Bluecubes Web Design in 2011 in which I learned valuable lessons in time management, browser debugging, CMS skinning and mobile/responsive development amongst other things. During my final year of university I freelanced for Bluecube Interactive. I'm currently a designer and developer for Six Degree Labs.


I'm somewhat of a fitness freak, there's something that draws me to the regimented lifestyle that the hobby requires. Tie this in with my borderline obsessive attention to detail and you've got a rather volatile combination.

Generally when I'm not lifting heavy things or designing webs, I'm reading something, usually something factual and based in science or philosophy in a vain attempt to shed some light on the universe. I also illustrate in pencil, creating precise portraits and such as a hobby and on commission.


Front End Development

Most definitely my strongest area, I enjoy creating interesting visual experiments that stray from conventional ideals. Strong with associated markup and scripting languages. I develop in jQuery and AngularJS on top of modern work flow stacks.


Back End Development

I develop mostly with PHP for backend projects but also have a working knowledge of Rails and Django alongside MYSQL, SQLite and MongoDB for databases.



Whether it be illustration or concept and logo design, I am an advocate of clean, minimal and functional design. A sharp eye for detail helps greatly in my work.

Work With Me

I'm continually looking for people with great ideas to work with. My passion for the craft and relentless work ethic equate to a great working partner. So why not drop me a line and see what we can achieve?